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Business philosophy

Ruihong plastic strategic objectives

Through self-development, to achieve the infrared gas stove market share, beyond the traditional atmosphere of gas stove, so that energy saving, environmental protection, healthy life concept enjoys popular support, full access to a new era of healthy kitchen.

Our Mission 

Mission: Let the plastic clean the sky more blue

Value: the core technology environmental experts

Declaration: "plastic" life of the United States

Vision: to build the core technology to promote independent innovation achievements first-class enterprises

Product concept

* Adhere to the special and fine, adhere to scientific and technological innovation and leading technology, take the characteristics of the road.

Operational concept

* Big eyes, small start, dedicated to the faith, serious in the details.

* Dayan-style team common development model, regardless of suppliers, headquarters staff or vendors, are Ruihong plastic interests of the community, are Ruihong people, Ruihong people will share, learn, harvest, happy

People are the most important factor

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