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1, system management support:

Tailored custom marketing solutions to solve the dealer market to start the problem, including: shopping guide staff training and operation and management practices, network construction, management policies and agreements, customer file management practices, all kinds of management practices, new store promotion promotion program.


2, material support:

1) to provide a wide deal with the dealer card, advertising videos, after-sales service manual

2) Proportional distribution of product manuals, promotional folding, single page

3) terminal image materials, umbrellas, aprons, shopping bags and other gift materials


3, terminal construction support:

1) The image is designed by the headquarters, the national uniform standard of the terminal image material

2) cost support, terminal event planning


4, training support:

1) the establishment of advanced training system, so that the dealer's business team to grow rapidly, and strive to enter the role of the shortest possible time

2) product knowledge training, marketing training, shopping guide skills training, after-sales service training


5, the model market support:

According to market sales and size and other factors, choose the model market, focusing on providing support, effort to build


6, after-sales support:

1) full consultative assistance services: to provide customers with timely, fast and thoughtful after-sales service, and timely resolve the dealer to worry about

2) product quality management support: the quality of the product batch problems, the identification will be given within 7 working days after the replacement process

3) regular customer return visit

4) aftermarket support

5) Vulnerable parts quantitative support


7, to promote promotional support:

1) to strengthen the brand promotion efforts to build a strong brand

2) to provide effective promotional programs, including centralized resources for market raids

3) regular holiday promotion support


8, engineering support:

1) engineering integration solution support

2) model engineering support


9, franchise support:

1) franchise system construction program support


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