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Pre - opening analysis guidance

* Assist the site to ensure the best location for the store.

* According to the company's professional terminal display store layout planning, the unified national standard terminal.

* Regional managers assist in recruiting staff. And to the company to participate in the actual sales of strong training.

* Store management and service marketing into the training sales system, quickly guide the entry, rapid breakthrough shipments.



Sales material support

* Product album, VI manual, investment manual, product folding lights.

* Provide exhibition rack, legislation licensing, opening promotional materials and signing an essential tool.

Decoration support

* To guide the dealer to enter the role faster, Ruihong plastic decoration decoration subsidies introduced.


Opening activities support

* The first two months of the opening of the company, the company arranged training supervision and guidance directly to the store to carry out a series of pre-training and opening preparatory work.

* Research on the local market, targeted to determine the strategic warrior program, and store image, staff management, learning and training services and order to communicate guidance.

* Full introduction of Ruihong plastic store operations and store management on the standardization of training and guidance, so that dealers really fast on the road.

* Training and supervision of the industry to guide the full guidance of the industry, in accordance with the guidance of training and guidance pre-warm, to protect the effectiveness of activities, activities, advertising programs, photos and results to follow up, and reported to the marketing department.

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