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1. understand the confirmation

Applicants through the website, market visits, etc. to understand Ruihong plastic, products and investment areas and other information, according to their own situation to confirm the agent intention


2. Submit your application

Fill out the "Ruihong plastic agent application form", by fax, mail or e-mail way to Ruihong plastic company investment person in charge


3. Talk about consultation

The headquarters of the application form to provide information for review, to meet the requirements of the intention of customers to discuss cooperation.


Field study

The company will invite customers to Ruihong plastic headquarters and local branch of the site visits


5. Sign the contract

After the success of the negotiations, the two sides signed an agency agreement


6. Start the operation

Playing the first batch of money, the market exchange and agency staff training, officially began to operate


Continue to improve

Continuous market development and performance improvement, the company has been in the management and maintenance of the market

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