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Metal hose type metal hose quality standard
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First, the metal hose model

Made of stainless steel materials are mainly made of single-button type P3 and double button P4, metal hose diameter generally from 5mm to 100mm. Models according to the requirements of the preparation of the manufacturers, the general rules of the metal hose coding is the enterprise name code + hose diameter + hose diameter + single or double button code, such as TF0406D said the same with the metal hose production of single-button Diameter 4mm outer diameter 6mm metal hose.

How to choose a metal hose model

1. Size: hose nominal diameter, the choice of joint type (mainly flange connection, threaded connection, quick connector connection) and metal hose size, hose length.

2. Pressure: According to the actual working pressure of the hose, and then check the corrugated metal hose nominal diameter and pressure gauge, decide whether to use stainless steel mesh sets of metal hoses.

3. Media: the chemical properties of the media in the hose, according to the hose material corrosion resistance, determine the hose parts of the material.

4. Temperature: the working temperature and range of the medium in the hose; the ambient temperature at which the hose is operating. High temperature, according to the metal hose at high temperature under the working pressure temperature correction factor to determine the temperature after the correction of pressure to determine the choice of the correct pressure level.

5. Status: According to the state of the hose, refer to the correct use of the metal hose and the installation method and the hose in the settlement compensation when the best length. The length of the various movement of the hose calculation and the minimum number of bending the hose and the minimum bending radius and other factors, the parameters of the correct selection of hose length, and the correct installation.

Second, the metal hose quality standards have any requirements

1. Metal hose for the right-hand winding, the length of not less than 3m.

2. The specifications in parentheses are not recommended.

3. Stainless steel metal hose is made of stainless steel steel filler-free metal metal hose, mainly used for wire protection tube.

4. Stainless steel strip made of non-filler type P3 stainless steel metal hose, made of stainless steel coil, used as a wire protection tube.

5. Metal hose between the pitch should be flexible and supportive flexibility, does not allow blocking and severe elasticity of tension.

6. Metal hose inside and outside the junction does not allow cracks and serious rubbing phenomenon.

7. Stainless steel thickness s and theoretical quality.

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