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Plastic hose to buy
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Hose can also be called plastic hose, is a kind of high-quality products for penetrating wire and cable, and to achieve a certain high standard IP protection grade and high tensile strength, torsion, flexibility, It is widely used in the field of machine tool and electric box control cabinet connection, automobile wiring harness, electronics, mechanical harness and other fields, replacing the metal sheath products, become widely used on the market wiring harness products.

Selection guide material: According to the use of the environment to buy hose material, such as: the use of the environment in the hose for the dynamic, it must choose anti-bending products for the preferred products, the above three kinds of hose material PA material Bending resistance, pressure, tension is very strong, so should choose PA material as the first choice.

1. Hose opens and closes.

2. Hose color length and packaging with special requirements, both agreed by the supply and demand; must be completed when ordering clear.

3. The inner diameter of all hoses and the outer diameter in millimeters.

4. Flame retardant properties: PA flame retardant hose and PP flame retardant hose, flame retardant V-0 grade, halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant.

5. Product color: black, special colors to be customized.

6. In addition to PE other than the specifications of the pipe sub-flame retardant and non-flammable.

7. Select the matching connector, according to the use of the environment, the equipment of the internal thread to select the corresponding thread standard matching joints, waterproof and no waterproof two.

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