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Ruihong plastic adhering to the "customer-oriented, with a sound service to Ruihong plastic products to create value for customers," the purpose of focusing on customer needs understanding and analysis, and as a basis to determine the product investment plans and development plans, Driving the implementation of company strategy. In order to establish a rapid response to customer demand for product development model, shorten the product development cycle, to build a timely understanding of customer needs to understand the technical exchange and communication network.

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Ruihong has a high-quality marketing team and standardize the marketing management system for the timely delivery of new products and new technology information to customers lay the foundation. Engineering information management system detailed records and preservation of customer engineering use Ruihong information, the formation of the "zero time limit, active" service system for customers to take the initiative to track services, lifting the use of Ruihong products to worry about.

Ruihong dedicated customer service, customer satisfaction for customer service development goals, following the "pre-sale services, operating guidance, advertising support, gift gifts, after-sales service" based on the "five heart" service initiatives, in order to let you at any time Can enjoy a better quality, more efficient, more convenient, more intimate and more leading services, and further enhance customer service, a comprehensive upgrade of enterprise services, customer service will be implemented, Ruihong company dedicated to the "one hundred thousand feedback" service. Customers quarterly sales reached 100,000 yuan, the company will be a percentage of feedback to customers.

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