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Service is not only a responsibility, it is a kind of emotional exchange, Ruihong plastic "golden thumb wholeheartedly" service, the use of CRM customer service system, establish and improve customer files, more systematic and professional service model convenient To provide customers with more comprehensive full-service, from the purchase of Ruihong plastic products, you are Ruihong plastic best friend, enjoy Ruihong plastic products to provide advice, delivery installation, maintenance and repair, complaints and a series of services The



Ruihong plastic service personnel to a higher standard requirements, including the operation process, fees, management systems are standardized to ensure that customers provide more assured service.



Ruihong plastic demand for customers have a higher standard, 24-hour consultation, 48-hour tracking, customer service requirements processing rate of 100% in order to reduce customer service waiting time.


Responsible (responsible)

Ruihong plastic for each user in the "service in the end" of the responsible attitude, listen carefully to the customer's request or advice, do not shirk do not escape.



Ruihong plastic believe that customers buy not only Ruihong plastic products. More professional service consulting, pre-sale, sale, sale of the smooth flow of standardized service process, in the longer time for customers to create more value for the purchase experience.




Ruihong plastic care, not only reflected in the delivery, installation, maintenance of all links, before the installation, to provide customers with embedded pipe, measuring size, design layout and other "pre-installed" service, so that customers worry-free use.

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